Clinical Supervision Services

Individual and Group Supervision Sessions are available for Counseling Students and APC Counselors seeking Georgia Licensure.  I also contract with agencies to provide supervision to their counseling staff.  I have my CPCS with LPCA of Georgia.  I also assist Counselors in learning more about specialized issues such as addiction and trauma.

Team Building and Seminars for Ministries and Businesses

Seminar topics such as Customer Service and knowledge of special populations can improve the services of your ministry or business.  No matter how hard the work is, the greatest source of job stress is difficulties working well as a team.  Team building can be a valuable resource for companies and can increase morale and productivity.

Burnout Prevention for Helping Professionals

The most skilled, dependable and compassionate of helping professionals are in the highest risk for burnout or "compassion fatigue."  I want to help preserve these valuable, frontline workers in their field.  They are far too valuable to lose!  I assist helping professionals in discovering effective self-care strategies and boundary setting.

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Services for Professionals

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Renewing Hearts and Minds

​Mary Teresa "Terry" Freeman, MS, MAC, LPC, CPCS

Helping Trauma Survivors Thrive in Recovery
PTSD is a highly common co-occurring disorder seen in addiction treatment.  This 3-hour seminar helps counseling professionals understand the special treatment needs of clients with these two disorders in order to insure that they have a greater chance of success in recovery.

Caring for the Caregiver
This 3-hour seminar is designed for helping professionals that need to take time to consider how to best implement self-care strategies so that they can be effective as possible and avoid burnout.

 Where to Start: Basic Therapeutic Strategies for Trauma Survivors
No matter what a counselor’s specialized training includes, there is a good chance the counselor will have a client with a history of trauma.  It is common for a counselor not trained in trauma to ask, “What should I do to help this client?”  All counselors can benefit from having some basic training in trauma so that they can provide some foundational support and therapy to a trauma survivor until an appropriate referral can be made for more intensive trauma treatment.  The purpose of this 6-hour seminar is to give counselors some tools and strategies in laying the foundational work of trauma recovery.

Supporting Loved Ones in Trauma Recovery
This 90-minute seminar is offered to spouses and significant supporters of members of the Beauty of Ashes group.  The purpose is to teach the impact of trauma on the brain, what to expect when in treatment and how to be supportive to your loved one.  There is an opportunity for participants to share experiences and ask questions.

Enjoying the Holidays and Avoiding “Holi-Daze”
This 90-minute interactive seminar gives participants an opportunity to identify potential challenges of the upcoming holiday season and develop a self-care plan to help reduce stress during the holiday season.Bottom of Form