For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a heart for encouraging people.  I consider it a blessing to be able to do what gives me great joy – watching lives become transformed through the healing experience of counseling.  I am looking forward to meeting you and having the privilege to be a part of your journey of renewal.

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Terry is available to see clients in the Woodstock office.

She is not taking any new clients in Peachtree Corners.

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Renewing Hearts and Minds

Mary Teresa "Terry" Freeman-Walters, MS, MAC, LPC, CPCS

Terry Freeman-Walters

Education and Experience

Upon completion of my Master's in Community Counseling from Georgia State University in 1987, I joined a private practice in Jonesboro, GA, under the supervision of a Child Psychologist counseling children, young adults and families.  Beginning in 1990, I worked at Atlanta Mission, serving the homeless and needy for sixteen years.  As Program Director, I supervised the Personal Development Program for women and women with children who were seeking recovery for chemical dependency, domestic violence and various other life-controlling problems.  I received my MAC (Master Addiction Counselor Certification) in 1996.  I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 1998.  After leaving the Mission, I gained experience working at Anchor Hospital and Breakthrough Addiction Recovery.  I also worked with Wellspring Living, counseling adolescent girls rescued from human trafficking. In June 2008, I established Freeman Counseling and Consulting, in the Peachtree Corners area of Norcross, GA.

What do the letters behind my name mean?
MS: Master of Science in Community Counseling
MAC: Master Addiction Counselor
LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia
CPCS: Georgia Certified Professional Counselors Supervisor

Individual Counseling Services for Children, Adolescents and Adults
My clinical orientation is Client Centered Therapy.  That is, I believe that my clients are the experts and it is my job to walk along side of them to help them achieve the goals they wish to accomplish.  In individual therapy, I seek to help my client become as emotionally and mentally healthy as possible.  I use a variety of therapeutic approaches in order to practice the most effective, evidence-based treatment that meets each need for healing. 

Family Counseling for Couples and Families 
In family therapy, my goal is to help the family unit be as healthy as possible.  This involves teaching communication skills and creative problem solving while attempting to strengthen the respect and love between members of the unit. 

Premarital Counseling 
I meet with a couple for 6 to 8 weeks to discuss a variety of topics that are necessary to consider before marriage such as financial values and styles, communication, creating protective hedges, love languages, parenting values and styles, family of origin issues, etc. 

Group Therapy 
I provide group therapy for self-esteem and trauma. I believe groups provide a powerful experience of healing, combating isolation and offering a broader perspective of hope and healing. For information on the trauma group, go to the "Trauma" page.

Relationship Restoration and Enhancement
I believe that, in relationships, we are often wounded.  And, in relationships, we are often healed. Therefore, I desire to be a source of unconditional love and support as I help people heal in their relationships. I help clients identify unhealthy patterns of relating, establish healthy boundaries and take risks for trying new things in order to achieve relational satisfaction.

Addiction Recovery
I have been working with addictions since 1990. I have had experience treating all types of addiction: chemical dependency, workaholism, eating disorders, gambling, etc.  I also work with family members of addicts, helping them cope with the stress of having a loved one struggling with addiction.

Trauma and Abuse Recovery
I have a particular passion in helping trauma survivors find freedom in recovery and have experience in this population since 1990.  This is a service I provide for children, adolescents and adults.  My approach involves education, establishing safe and effective coping skills and resolving trauma through processing a trauma narrative.  I also like to integrate safe and supportive family members in the healing process.  I have a specialized group for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  For more information, go to the "Trauma" page.

Anxiety and Stress Management
It seems anxiety disorders are on the rise in our culture and all ages and cultures are affected. I tend to utilize a number of techniques that have been found to be effective in treating anxiety such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Relaxation and Stress Management and Boundary Setting.

Stabilization in Mood Disorders (such as Depression, Bipolar, etc.)
Mood disorders do not have to be life controlling.  I believe in helping clients learn how to monitor their symptoms so that they can manage them effectively.  I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients identify negative and defeating self-talk, fight those thoughts and replace them with healthier and more positive thoughts.  If a client is prescribed medication by a Psychiatrist or Primary Care Physician, I make sure that I have the permission to speak with the doctor to be sure we are effectively coordinating counseling services with medication management.

Achieving Personal and Professional Growth and Satisfaction
I enjoy working with people in various stages of life, helping them evaluate their life and set goals for their future.  I find this extremely rewarding walking alongside them as they navigate change personally and professionally.

Clinical Supervision Services
Individual and Group Supervision Sessions are available for Counseling Students and APC Counselors seeking Georgia Licensure.  I also contract with agencies to provide supervision to their counseling staff.  I have my CPCS with LPCA of Georgia.  I also assist Counselors in learning more about specialized issues such as addiction and trauma.

Team Building and Seminars for Ministries and Businesses
Seminar topics such as Customer Service and knowledge of special populations can improve the services of your ministry or business.  No matter how hard the work is, the greatest source of job stress is difficulties working well as a team.  Team building can be a valuable resource for companies and can increase morale and productivity.

Seminars for Professionals

Burnout Prevention for Helping Professionals
The most skilled, dependable and compassionate of helping professionals are in the highest risk for burnout or "compassion fatigue."  I want to help preserve these valuable, frontline workers in their field.  They are far too valuable to lose!  I assist helping professionals in discovering effective self-care strategies and boundary setting.

Helping Trauma Survivors Thrive in Recovery
PTSD is a highly common co-occurring disorder seen in addiction treatment.  This 3-hour seminar helps counseling professionals understand the special treatment needs of clients with these two disorders in order to insure that they have a greater chance of success in recovery.

Caring for the Caregiver
This 3-hour seminar is designed for helping professionals that need to take time to consider how to best implement self-care strategies so that they can be effective as possible and avoid burnout.

Where to Start: Basic Therapeutic Strategies for Trauma Survivors
No matter what a counselor’s specialized training includes, there is a good chance the counselor will have a client with a history of trauma.  It is common for a counselor not trained in trauma to ask, “What should I do to help this client?”  All counselors can benefit from having some basic training in trauma so that they can provide some foundational support and therapy to a trauma survivor until an appropriate referral can be made for more intensive trauma treatment.  The purpose of this 6-hour seminar is to give counselors some tools and strategies in laying the foundational work of trauma recovery.

Forming an Effective Therapeutic Alliance with Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder
Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder have specialized needs that may complicate traditional treatment methods. This 90-minute training is designed to help clinicians learn how to maintain both rapport and effective boundaries in order to successfully manage the transference and countertransference that come up when working with clients with this personality disorder.

​​For Professionals

Specialized Skills

I have excellent clinical skills in individual therapy, family therapy, marital therapy and group therapy. I enjoy working with people of all ages and with a variety of issues such as self-esteem, relational issues, addictions, trauma and abuse.  I also enjoy public speaking with a repertoire of a variety of topics. I am particularly skilled in supervising and training others who are pursuing careers in counseling.  I have a passion for teaching helping professionals about self-care and prevention of burnout.

Other Interests

​Although I live out what I feel is a life calling to minister to the homeless, broken and needy in my own hometown of Atlanta, I also have a strong passion for international ministry.  I have gone on mission and service trips to Papua New Guinea, India, France, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Kenya, Rwanda and Guatemala.