Group Goals

To provide a safe and supportive environment where trust is

fostered and practiced.

For participants to use their voice to share with others who have had similar experiences in order to reduce shame and isolation and

to increase a sense of true identity.

To gain increased awareness of how abuse continues to impact their current life and

to learn healthy coping skills.

To offer hope and healing based on God’s truths and power to dismantle the

harmful effects of abuse.


Renewing Hearts and Minds

Supporting Loved Ones in Trauma Recovery
This 90-minute seminar is offered to spouses and significant supporters oft he clients participating in the Beauty of Ashes group.  The purpose is to teach the impact of trauma on the brain, what to expect when in treatment and how to be supportive to your loved one.  There is an opportunity for participants to share experiences and ask questions.

For a Free Assessment

Call or Text: 770-239-7453


Beauty for Ashes

For Women Seeking to Overcome Childhood Sexual Abuse

The group meets 12 weeks for 1-1/2 hour sessions. 

This group allows the opportunity for a woman to tell her story in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

She is also able to discuss a variety of topics related to abuse and learn effective coping skills.

Clinicians Specializing in Trauma

Terry Freeman-Walters (Woodstock)

Professional Cell: 770-239-7453


Kara Sanford (Peachtree Corners)

Professional Cell: 404-736-9726


Individual, couples and family counseling available for children, adolescents and adults seeking healing from trauma.